technical data

Duration of the recording:

The tests and trial recording of graphic prints with the oscilloscope modulation interface took place in 1976 and 1977 (dates unknown).

Time of broadcast:

29.9.1978, Grafike prvič predvajane na proslavi 25 let televizije

Recording location:

The first recording took place in Studio 1, second and third took place in Studio 2.


empty studio, Studio 2control room


moving mirror cubes, laser (Iskra), military parachute

Video equipment:

Studio - 3 Philips LDK 5 cameras; Studio 2 control room, video mixer Central Dinamics 2000, post-production and archiving on Ampex AVR 2 /2 inch tapes, video graphics rendered with Tectronics modulator and oscilloscope, variable signal quality and frequency area drop outs with VCR Philips 1500 (first general use recorder and player). VCR Philips 1502 was used to play the four tapes in Jakopič’s pavilion.

Audio equipment:

Moog synthesiser, Philips sound mixer (unknown model)

Number of recorder tapes:

in two years 18 tapes were recorded and the total duration of the performance amounted to 28 minutes. From this 9 minutes were made by each camera for each of the three performers individually. From this three edited and merged tapes from every recording and two video graphics tapes were made in the total duration of two hours. The final version of the five tapes from 1979 was merged for the installation in Jakopič’ pavilion (4) and for broadcasting within the regular TV schedule (1). Today TV Slovenija has a single preserved copy of the original broadcast that took place within the regular TV schedule of what used to be RTV Ljubljana. During the transcription of the outdated video formats all originals and final merged versions of Videogram 4 were destroyed. A copy of tape 5 was transferred onto Beta SP format, and was preserved merely by chance by one of the television employees, as a collector’s item.

Television crew:

Program redactor: Krunoslav Cipci
Assistant director: Katja Breskvar
Technical head of the project: Janez Krmelj, Božo Osana
Titles: Janez Krmelj, Marko Kovačevič, Rastko Čop
The Tectronix picture interface made by: Igor Grom
Picture mixer: Miloš Miloševič, Njegoš Marovič, Bojan Križ, Vili Sever, Tomaž Švigelj
Tape: Stane Otorepec, Brane Rupnik, Božo Kožar, Dane Milenkovič, Franci Vesel, Jaka Bartol, Keni Hodžič, Janez Bolka
Sound: Luka Jaki, Mare Petretič, Andrej Knaflič
Cameras: Franjo Meglič, Lojze Zlodi, Lenart Vipotnik, Silvo Knuplež, Jože Paternost
Camera control: Anton Rožanc

photo archive

Photos by OM produkcija